Simple Tips that Would Help in Significantly Improving Your Cooking Skills

Torri Donley

Say you’ve decided to learn how to cook but do not know how to go about it. It doesn’t matter if you want to do it for fun or as a profession.

It doesn’t matter what gender you are. Since you’ve decided to and you have come to us for help, we are duty-bound to embrace you with tips. Being foodies ourselves, we’ve learned a thing or two about the art and science of food preparation and only feel too glad to share these things with you.

While most things do not matter, your interest to follow through with these tips should not be denied. We know ways to help you improve your cooking skills. Forget about YouTube videos, the opinions shared by fellow foodies like you on websites such as are enough to put you through the art and science of cooking. But since you don’t know, here are tips we have sourced for you. You can decide to read or not. Or you can decide to download food apps by merely reading through cooking apps review. Whatever you decide to do, these tips would be here.

·       Handle cooking tools like an artist

Your cooking is awful because you possibly do not know how to handle basic knife skills. You see the knife in your hand as a sharp object that could pierce your skin. But what we see is different. We see a paintbrush that can make seamless designs and inventions. If you must hold a knife, hold it with the confidence of an artist. Get creative with the art of scoring, shearing, fine-slicing, and other cooking skills.

·       What grudges do you hold with salt?

How do you see salt? A mineral composed of sodium chloride? A seasoning? A unique flavor? Or an important part of your life? How it appears to you defines what it would be used for and to what degree. We see salt as one of the basic tastes. If we want things to get salty, we know how to do it. But since we are modest, we add and consume up to 6g of salt a day.

·       Oh! You still fumble with the recipes

Quite comprehensive. We both don’t have to go back and forth on the fact that the recipes make you feel awful. But is that not the reason you are here? You’ve sourced recipes from magazines, cookbooks, food websites and blogs, and are lost on all of them. No advice for you except that recipes are not perfect. They only inform, not educate. They do not show. You need to find your recipe. So experiment!

·       Right Ingredients = right meals

It is what it is. The right ingredients will always lead you into making good meals. And by the right ones, we also mean the mixing and blending of the ingredients to produce the right flavor. For great cooking, ingredients matter. More importantly, the art of ingredients matters.


Regardless of what your intentions are if you want to be a cook you need to do more than just read and source. You need to start doing it. Get into the art of culinary stains and mess and mistakes.

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