9 White Bean Recipes Even Non-Bean Lovers Will Enjoy

Torri Donley

Confession: Even though I’m a food and health editor who knows all about the benefits of beans…I rarely enjoy eating them. You won’t see me fill my plate with baked beans at a barbecue, and while I do buy canned kidney beans with good intentions (even armed with recipes), they tend to sit in my pantry for months.

But there is one bean dish I’ve loved ever since I was a kid: my mom’s white bean chili, served with buttery cornbread. White beans are an entry-level bean. “They are a more palatable option for people who are not used to eating beans such as black or kidney beans due to their soft texture, but still provide a similar nutrient content,” registered dietitian Kelly Jones, RD, previously told Well+Good.

That nutrient content she mentions is worth calling out. One cup of white beans has 16 grams of protein (you want

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Mexican restaurant in Phoenix features recipes spanning 3 generations

Torri Donley

Rito’s Mexican Restaurant does more than just serve a good traditional meal in a tin container and brown paper bag.

PHOENIX — Rito’s Mexican Restaurant has been serving up family flavor to hungry Phoenix diners since it first opened its doors in 1977, and the family behind the food spans three generations.

“Following my mom’s footsteps, I mean she’s the one that started this, Rosemary, that’s my mom,” Charlotte said. 

“I always wanted to keep this going for my children to make sure that they know who they are where they came from.”

Rosemary, a Glendale native who moved to the Garfield District in Downtown Phoenix, fell in love with the community and wanted to serve up something special. 

So she got in the kitchen and cooked up some recipes from scratch, which are still used to this day.

“We would love to have a lot of different location around

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Nacho Man shares recipes to get the best nachos

Torri Donley


Nachos are a go-to indulgence food, but there are some simple tips to take you to next-level snacking.

I love nachos.

Wait, that’s an understatement.

I looooove nachos!

That’s better. In fact, my nickname is “Nacho Man” because a night on the town included stops for nachos at three different restaurants.

Nachos are one of my go-to indulgences, and throughout my years of cooking in restaurants, I have picked up a few tips that have significantly raised my nacho game and can help yours. Not only will these tips help you make better nachos, but they will make them easier to make and share with others.

I make nachos a few different ways depending on what I’m in the mood for, and also who I am begrudgingly sharing them with. But my staples are as follows:

Homemade queso sauce

Quick pickled jalapenos

Fresh tortilla chips

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Halloween 2020: Costumes, recipes, makeup and social distancing

Torri Donley

The streets may be empty, the shops dead and house parties out of the question, but two Halloween enthusiasts aren’t ready to call time on their favourite holiday.

West Footscray local Andrea Beattie and her partner, Cathy Anderson, have launched Hallozween — a digital magazine covering all things Halloween.

It includes everything from creepy cocktail and food recipes to decorating tips, movies, craft ideas, makeup looks and more — all for just $8.85.

This skeleton meat platter is eye-catching and easy to make.
media_cameraThis skeleton meat platter is eye-catching and easy to make.

Ms Beattie said the idea was to have a devilishly good time, even in lockdown.

“COVID-19 has disrupted all aspects of life and there’s no doubt that Halloween will be very different this year,” Ms Beattie said.

“People are really starting to embrace Halloween here in Australia and we didn’t want those who love it to miss out because of restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Hallozween includes fun food and recipe ideas that will have the family raving.
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25 Easy Perogie Recipes – How to Make Perogies

Torri Donley

Vegan Coconut Bacon Pierogi
(Lazy Cat Kitchen)

Potatoes are such a delicious and versatile food and as you probably know, they can be transformed into much more than french fries. One of my favorite ways to cook with potatoes is to create Polish dumplings (otherwise known as perogies) made with unleavened dough, then masterfully filled with sweet or savory ingredients.

What is a Perogie?

Perogies are most well-known for being stuffed with a combination of potatoes and cheese, or a variety of meat. The dumplings are then boiled and sometimes pan-fried before serving. The fun thing about pierogies is that they can be enjoyed as an appetizer, main dish or even the perfect side dish to any meal!

Related: Michael Symon’s Pierogi Lasagna

Making perogies is not difficult, but many who learned to make them in Poland did not learn to make them from a recipe. Instead, they learned the process by watching

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Just Food For Dogs is a fresh pet food company that offers the widest variety of recipes I’ve seen, including custom diets

Torri Donley

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a small black dog looking at the camera: Jackie Brown/INSIDER

© Jackie Brown/INSIDER
Jackie Brown/INSIDER

  • Just Food For Dogs offers fresh pet food for dogs, with a huge variety of purchasing options and meal plans, including therapeutic diets and custom recipes.
  • Fresh pet food is ideal for owners who want to feed less processed pet food without having to cook at home. 
  • No subscription is required to purchase Just Food For Dogs, although the company offers an auto-ship option for convenience.
  • Prices vary depending on the food you choose and the size of your dog (starting at $5 a day for the smallest dogs), and first-time customers can get 20% off their first order.

Table of Contents

My miniature poodle, Jäger, is 10 years old and has been eating high-quality dog food his entire life. As someone who has worked in the pet

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Best apple recipes

Torri Donley

While nearly every retailer is slinging out pumpkin spice something this fall, it’s apples that we’re dreaming about right now. Whether we plan to go apple picking or just go pick up fresh, crisp apples at the local grocery store, we’re salivating over the thought of cooking up this sweet flavor of fall as soon as we get them home. To help us make the most of our apple haul, we wrangled a bunch of experts for the best apple recipes, tips, tools and apple inspiration.

a hand holding an apple with a knife: Newness Premium Apple Core Remover

© Amazon
Newness Premium Apple Core Remover

What makes apple recipes so perfectly delicious, anyway? Joanne and Adam Gallagher, founders of the Inspired Taste blog, love creating apple recipes because “they make us think of fall, warm spices and cozy evenings.” Us too. But they also go further by saying not to pigeonhole apples as a dessert ingredient. “Apples are lovely when used in

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Pinterest recipes for Halloween including fangtastic appetizers, desserts, and drinks

Torri Donley

I like to get the celebrating started early, so I dove right in to making the top-10 Halloween recipes on Pinterest.

This is quickly becoming an annual tradition for me, as last year was the first time I tried my hand at making the top recipes of 2018. Last year, chicken and rice stuffed peppers that looked like jack-o’-lanterns ended up being my favorite of the bunch, so I was excited to see what recipes made the cut this year.

To my surprise, there was no overlap in the recipes at all so I was excited to start fresh. The recipes were as boo-tiful as they were fang-tastic to eat. So for all my fellow Pinterest witches out there — these recipes are the pick of the patch!

If you’re a perfectionist, this recipe is not for you. Getting these skulls right took a lot of patience and in the … Read More

Miso’s Role in Japanese Cuisine, Plus Cooking Tips, Recipes, and Ideas

Torri Donley

Until recently, my experience with miso was limited to the tasty little bowl of miso soup I’d enjoy at Japanese restaurants. I began to appreciate the multitasking brilliance of miso only this year, when I started cooking my way through Washington Post food editor Joe Yonan’s fantastic new vegetarian cookbook, Cool Beans ($20, Amazon).

Yonan often calls for his “favorite all-purpose blast-of-umami ingredient” in recipes you might not expect if, like me, you weren’t already clued into the versatility of miso. Think white miso in a lemon-herb marinade for tofu feta, sprinkled on a pinto bean tortilla salad. Or red miso whisked into reserved pasta cooking water for a borlotti bean and bitter greens pasta dish.

With a couple of mostly full tubs of miso in my fridge, I started experimenting with adding a spoonful here and there to my fave veg dishes—pasta, lentils, soups, roasted veggies, sauces, salad dressings,

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‘Lake Superior Roots and Recipes’ Connects Residents with Local Produce, Ideas

Torri Donley

Looking For Fresh Produce or Recipe Ideas? Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Assoc. Has You Covered

DULUTH, Minn. – Despite the cancellation of the 2020 Lake Superior Harvest Festival, the Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association (LSSFA) has launched a new website called ‘Lake Superior Roots & Recipes,’ featuring recipes, cooking tips, and information about our local food system.

Organizer Julie Allen says since the COVID-19 pandemic began, more people are finding themselves preparing meals and eating at home.

The new website hopes to inspire simple, yet creative cooking ideas using locally-grown items.

Recipes available highlight locally grown ingredients and are largely contributed by area farmers.

“Purchasing and eating locally-grown foods supports our local economy and is a fun way to eat healthier and build community,” said Allen.

‘Lake Superior Roots & Recipes’ also offers tips for those purchasing produce in bulk, and how to can, freeze, or dry food for the

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