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A kitchen is an integral part of your home space. This is where you usually start your day. This is the place where you have all the facilities to prepare your nutritious food which is good for your body and mind. So great care often goes into the making of […]

A kitchen is an integral part of your home space. This is where you usually start your day. This is the place where you have all the facilities to prepare your nutritious food which is good for your body and mind. So great care often goes into the making of your kitchen. This is more so when it comes to your pantry. First off, the pantry is an exclusive separate room where beverages, foodstuffs and dishes are stored for human consumption. Speaking of your pantry, it is important to make good use of space and storage facilities available out there. You can manage to handle all the items kept there efficiently through proper pantry storage solutions. It is all about clever ideas and deft handling when it comes to the art of pantry storage solutions.

Meanwhile, let us look into various types of pantries and their interesting backgrounds as follows:

  • Ancient pantries: In ancient times, exclusive rooms had been set up for various functions like food storage. In these pantries, bread would be usually kept and its related preparation activities would take place. Quite interestingly, there had been such separate rooms to store all types of meats and alcoholic beverages as well.
  • Traditional pantries: In Asia, pantries are usually traditional, rather different from the West. Wooden cabinetry has been part and parcel of the kitchen culture, facilitating the functionality of pantries. For example, Japan has long been at the forefront of such kitchen and pantry culture.
  • Cold pantries: Kitchen appliances have been evolving over a long period. Here comes an interesting story before the application of modern refrigerators came into existence. There were exclusive storage rooms called cold pantries. Cabinets or cupboards had been part of cold pantries. Plus, there would be the provision of cool air in the cold pantries. Foodstuffs like bread, butter, pastries and eggs would be usually stored in such cold pantries.
  • Butler’s pantry: This is yet another type. Butler’s pantry is nothing but a separate utility room to store serving meal items. Some time ago, these pantries were used to store silver – all the dishes and plates. Nowadays, these rooms are located between dining rooms and kitchens. As of today, butler’s pantries have facilities like countertops and storage space meant for all the dining room articles.

So it is clear that the history of pantries has come a long way so far. Such interesting backgrounds divulge more information about the emerging culture of pantries and their features along with functionality.


Various Facets Of Pantry Storage Solutions


Back to the topic of pantry storage solutions. First up, try to understand How to organise your pantry storage? In short, such pantry storage solutions entirely depend on how well you can regulate and organise your pantry space. Here you can find some more ideas and solutions as given below:

  • Sorting them all in groups: Well, how many items do you have in your pantry? This is a relevant question that you can ask anyone. You may have several items like jars, cans, containers, spices and cereals. Maybe the list is endless. You can better streamline them by sorting them all into groups like cereals and spices for example. This will go a long way in helping you understand what you have and what you don’t have in the
  • Say no to anything overdue: It is your turn again. Go through all the items kept out there. Start checking their actual expiry dates. You should take immediate steps to discard those items that are overdue now. Plus, preparing your new shopping list will be a breeze to the core.
  • Going the extra mile: Sometimes you just cannot help adding more items to your pantry. To make the most of your pantry space, you can start using additional utilities like stands, tubs, and baskets to store items like vegetables and groceries. Afterwards, you will find it easy to grab those items like groceries.
  • Disposing of useless items: In the pantry, you may come across certain items that you might have stopped using or you may not need anymore. All you can do then is to stop buying those items starting now and even donate them to a food bank nearby. In the pantry, there may be items you use frequently. Still, there are items your family rarely uses. In that case, you should keep those items in open tubs and other containers by your needs. Such small yet smart steps will help you all grab eatables with ease.
  • Switching to containers: Choose the perfect kitchen containers to store your food items and keep them fresh much longer. Such containers are big enough to store more of your food articles safely and efficiently.

These are all smart ways to make good use of your pantry effectively. It would be only wise to Enhance the property value with pantry storage solutions.


Beyond Pantry Storage


The art of pantry storage solutions can be better ascribed to capitalising on your pantry space. Steps as smart as labelling your food containers will go a long way in the matter of decluttering the pantry space. Surprisingly, such an organised pantry space can turn out to be a source of inspiration for you. Inspired by this, you will be able to cook, serve and eat in the healthiest way possible.

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